How to Start a Livestock Business

Livestock BusinessAre you interested in running a livestock business because you feel it sounds potential to make money? If you’re, just start it. You’re more likely true. People never stop consuming meat and milk. Markets where meats are sold are never closed. It means livestock sellers are always looked for. Become one of them. To start the business, you can follow these points:

Determine the animal or livestock

Firstly, certainly you need to know what animal that you want to raise. They can be cattle, goat, pig, dog, horse, donkey, deer, or even chicken or duck. In this case, just know your market condition; what livestock that is more likely preferred by people around you or around the livestock shelter later.

Pick the location

You can’t skip this. Running a livestock business you absolutely need to provide land where the livestock will be put and raised. The questions now are: Do you have a space? Where is the location? Is the space enough for accommodating the livestock? Does the land help the livestock grow well? Is the location accessible? Etc. If you have no land, just look for it. On the other hand, if you choose to raise chicken, you can utilize your wide backyard.

Get startup capital

Starting a livestock business requires you much money. Why not? If actually, you have no land, you need to purchase it and you might know how land will cost you. It’s very high nowadays. Even, it can be up to $10000. So is the livestock’s price. It’s not cheap at all. You can apply for a business loan for the initial capital. You can return the loan through monthly installment. Make sure that you calculate this as well as possible. Could your monthly income later cover the installment?

Learn about the livestock

Customers certainly don’t want to get unqualified livestock that can make them damaged. For this, deeply know how to raise the livestock. What are their foods? Where the foods could be got? How to take care of the grass (if you choose to raise cattle, horse, etc.)? How to manage their diet? How to fatten them? What diseases that can attack them as well as how to avoid them? What is the standard weight of the healthy livestock? How to make the livestock’s houses? How to weigh the livestock? Etc.

In this case, because running a livestock business can’t be separated from weighing activities every time, make sure that you buy floor scales selectively. Choose a high quality one. Now, to learn about livestock, you can join livestock courses (if exist). On the other hand, you can hire people that master about livestock to be your staff.

Now you can start writing a business plan. Write as complete as possible. Make sure the loan company accepts your loan application as well as you can run your business easily based on the well prepared business plan. Then, don’t forget to advertise your business as soon as it’s established.

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